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Digitized Vehicle Inspection and RTS Checkout

Perform easy, mobile, and consistent Fleet Inspections. 

Capture images/videos & view timelines with your phone.

View timestamped inspection history with accurate data.

How it Works

Your Dispatchers can perform paperless Fleet Inspections in under 1 minute!

Capture inspection images & videos to create consistently accurate inspection timelines. 

Accessible Inspection records as available for the DSPs evaluation for each Van & DA.

The DSP/ Dispatcher can also view the driver return inspection summary for specified dates.

Timestamped  Inspection reports can be downloaded & shared as PDFs with a single click.

Paperless RTS Checkout

Perform paperless, easy, mobile inspections that can be completed in under a minute! Access crucial information in real time. Web-based app with cloud storage, no physical files. Enables centralized communication, detailed accountability & visibility.

Inspection Summary & Reports

Inspection summaries and reports pdfs are accessible through the app anytime and anywhere for DSP evaluations and ensure driver and vehicle inspection summaries are stored online for managing crucial data. Real-time inspection images can be accessed as Van’s inspection timeline. Track assets and damages for each van with a single scroll.

Compliance & Maintenance Log

Centralized tracking & reporting to help you prepare, manage, and repair your fleet. Streamline the entire maintenance process to ensure all Preventive Maintenance and repairs are completed on time. Customized reports help you with prompt rectification saving time and increasing efficiency.

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