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LMDmax is the #1 Company to support 

 Delivery Service Partners (DSP) 

Maximize your growth, efficiency, and profitability

Take your Last Mile Delivery

to the Max

Why Recruit Drivers with LMDmax ?

Hiring & Onboarding Benefits

Save money by outsourcing your HR services

We provide end-to-end HR services from hiring to training completion at less than half the cost. Our team works from Monday-Saturday and will ensure candidates are in training on Sunday’s.

Reduce background check costs

 Our processes reduce drop offs through stronger evaluation of candidates. Constant follow up during the entire onboarding process.

Compliant with all regulations and DSP policies

We support DSPs with their DSP audit. Our Processes are legally approved and follow all federal and state regulations.

Maximize your route capacity

The DSPs we support typically have the highest route counts for their respective stations. Accelerate your growth by partnering with us. DSP’s use us to ramp down as well, our performance program helps build an “A” team while continuing hiring at a lower pace.

Optimize your advertising budget

We maximize every dollar spent on marketing by optimizing your ad and following up continuously with applicants through SMS, email, and phone calls.

Eliminate hiring headaches

Tired of candidates needing hand holding? We bring you fully trained drivers every week so you can focus on the operations and finances.

LMDmax Services

Hiring & Onboarding/J.J. Keller, Driver Performance Management and Payroll