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Live Tracking with Immediate Driver Notifications on Netradyne

Never miss a violation even on the busiest days. Send drivers violation notifications immediately and coach them with seamless E-writeups in real time!

How it Works

Live Tracking with Immediate Driver Notifications on Netradyne Violations is the perfect solution for managing violations, and missed coaching opportunities daily that risks poor performance, safety compliance, and reduced scores.

is integrated with Netradyne 

Within a minute, LMDmax sends a text message to Driver and notifies Dispatcher

Associate will monitor
multiple escalations

DSP managers can assess the violations and compliance history for each driver

Timely reporting & communication push DAs to take corrective actions & improve performance.

Dedicated Team Live Tracking 

Coach with Customizable E-writeups

Driver Performance Comparison

Centralized Team Activity History

Violations History, Coaching Messages & Performance History - at the same place!

With our powerful performance visualization on Driver Metrics Dashboard along with violations notifications, identify areas of improvement for crucial metrics backed by seeing the historical trends for each driver. Thus build an organized and accessible Virtual File Cabinet for every unique DA.

Broadcast to Select/All Drivers

Performance Reports Shared Directly to Chat

Multi-user to One-Driver Chat

All Communication History and Tagging

DA Coaching Backed by Powerful Chat Tool

With our powerful chat tool, DSP managers can assess the violations and compliance history of each driver. The chat capabilities are designed to enable analytics on other performance metrics as well. So that you can identify the best & worst-performing drivers.

Intuitive, Robust, Centralized Monitoring and Communication System 

Steer your drivers towards better performance to improve your overall performance scores and profits.

Segregation of Count of Violations

Comparison based on driver violations

Violations Data for Unique Drivers

Key Focus Area as generated on netradyne

Send Performance Overview to Driver in Chat

Incident Report and History Keeping

Reinforce Positive Safety Compliance & Boost Performance Scores

Pilot your Drivers towards improved performance, by congratulating them on the successful implementation of safety compliance efforts. Send positive messages when your DAs respond to your coaching efforts and acknowledge your team’s efforts to meet higher safety standards.

360º Managed Services Solutions for DSP Success

Performance & Coaching

The powerful performance app enables centralized communication between DSPs, dispatchers, and drivers. harness simple and easy accessibility to individual driver scorecards and subsequent coaching requirements for DSPs, dispatchers, and respective drivers- and take your team's performance to the max!

Fleet Management & RTS Checkout

RTSmax is an integrated solution to manage inspection summaries, body damage and repair history, asset management including gas cards, and hand trucks to help you stay ahead of maintenance schedules and reduce downtime, and enable effective team management and centralized communication- all on a single platform!

Payroll, Compliance & Support

With LMDmax payroll support services optimize payroll processing and ensure compliance, helping you minimize expenses for a workforce dedicated to tedious payroll tasks. So that you save time & money and focus on your most important tasks- fleet operations and driver performance, & profitability.

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Need to Know More about

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Live Tracking Support

LMDmax team performs Live Netradyne Tracking and tracks violations in real-time. Our team also identifies recommended areas for coaching which can then be communicated to respective drivers and help your team build a powerful yet easy, centralized monitoring and coaching system.

Immediate Violation Notification

Coaching messages are sent out by the LMDmax team and the Drivers are immediately notified of the violations. The coaching messages are premade templates and can be customized as per your team’s requirements. Each chat functions as a centralized, virtual file cabinet for each Driver's Violations History.