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About Us

Vivek Gupta is President & CEO of LMDMax where he is helping LMDmax customers to maximize their last-mile delivery business with various solutions. Vivek is a Ph.D. in management from IIM Ahmedabad in India where he studied how to leverage management sciences in helping to solve business problems. Vivek was recently a partner at EY one of the 4 big accounting firms in their advisory practice. One of the key reasons for Vivek to start LMDMax is his love for small business solutions and helping them to deliver better success. Under his leadership, LMDMax has only one goal, "To be a true and trustworthy business partner in the success of our clients"

Anik Waikar is the Chief Operations Officer for LMDmax. He has over 12 years of experience in recruiting and consulting for the U.S. Government and numerous Fortune 500 companies. For LMDmax, Anik will build a world-class call center team with state-of-the-art technologies and establish a trusted partnership with the DSP owners.

Preeti Gupta is the Chief Customer Success manager at LMDMax. Preeti is an Engineer and has been a small business owner herself where she understands what small businesses need as solutions. She is responsible for managing our internal visibility platforms, quality control, and tech solutions, and acts as a bridge between our global operations and the USA office. 

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