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Improve DA overall Performance &

Scorecard on a Single Platform

Track and coach DAs behavior for a safer & more effective fleet

Our powerful Performance app helps for centralized communication between DSPs, dispatchers, and drivers. It helps you define goals and turn them into actionable tasks, monitor progress, inspire your workforce, drive employee performance- and take Your Team's Performance to the max!

Coach your Driver toward Safety & Compliance

Coach your DAs and help them to promote good driving habits & achieve fantastic scores.

Ensure DA’s safe & compliant behavior based on performance indicators like speeding, harsh braking, and over acceleration. Enabling you to optimize your DA’s Performance

and boost your scores.

Increase accountability among the drivers with timestamped E-writeups

Send customizable messages and write-ups to coach DAs

Discover which drivers engage in unsafe behaviors

Provide data-driven weekly coaching to reduce at-risk behaviors

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We take all your PDFs and make let you visualize

Using the driver scorecard report, you can identify and reward your fleet's best & worst performers. 

We enable you to filter underperforming drivers, understand the issues & identify coaching opportunities. We collect weekly data & transform your pdf into a magically visual dashboard which you have never seen before

Compare drivers based on historical performance data

Congratulate the best DAs and send E-writeups to the worst DAs

Reinforce the work behaviors that are increasing your score

Build centralized team collaboration & Prioritize areas for improvement

Powerful Broadcast Chat tool

Send Broadcast messages in one-to-many format by selecting the drivers and sharing performance reports and customized E-Writeups to steer your drivers towards better performance.

Transform driver performance with scorecard analysis dashboard

Manage driver risk behavior and keep them accountable with DAs Scorecard analysis

Keep all of DA's performance metrics in one central place

Identify high-risk drivers through driving pattern analysis

Generate weekly scorecard based on DA’s performance chart

Identify the most critical areas for improvement.

DA Scorecard reports providing an easy-to-understand visual of the most at-risk drivers, and overall safety score.

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